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    Adam Johnson


Adam Johnson lives in Manchester.

Hi Adam, thanks for talking with Watford Legends. How did you become a hornet?
I wasnít getting a game at Middlesbrough and Gareth Southgate came to me and said that Aidy Boothroyd had enquired about me. Southgate and I had already discussed trying to get me a loan move so I could go and get some games under my belt and so it went from there. I travelled down to Watford the same day, stayed overnight and signed the next morning. It all happened quite quickly.

What did you make of Aidy Boothroyd?
He was great with me from minute one to be honest. He was waiting for me when I got to the training ground and he made me feel really welcome. He was a fantastic manager to play under and he made it really enjoyable.
You were only at the club for two months; did you enjoy your spell with us though?
I loved it, I really did. My first game was as a sub against Southampton at home and we were 2-1 down when I came on. We ended up winning the game 3-2, Darius Henderson got two including an injury time winner so that was a great way for me to start my time at Watford and I was buzzing after that. I started the next 11 or 12 games after the Southampton game, the fans seemed to take to me as well which was great and everything about the club was just brilliant.
Moving to Watford was the best thing I could have done at the time and it was a very important decision for me to go and get some football.

Do you wish you could have stayed a bit longer?
I wanted to stay - I really did. We were top when I left and I was loving my football. I knew I wasnít going to go back to Middlesbrough and get straight back in the team and so it was no surprise when I wasnít getting a game. I went and knocked on Gareth Southgateís door to ask if I could go back. I knew Boothroyd wanted me to go back as well but unfortunately it never came about.
There were rumours about at the time that your mum had put a flea in Boothroydís ear at some point?!
Ha ha no! They did have a good bit of banter between the two of them in the player's lounge after games but that is all it was, just a bit of banter - she wasn't telling him off or anything!
You scored an impressive five in 12 whilst at the Vic Ė do any of those goals stand out for you more than any others?

I remember one quite well and that was a header I scored at Scunthorpe. I donít score many headers so that is probably why it stands out! Lloyd Doyley put a cross in for me and I managed to get a good header on it. I also remember scoring in a 3-0 win away at Coventry when myself, Marlon King and Darius Henderson scored and we played really well - that was a great night for all of us.

You are one of a select few that has been set up for a goal by Lloyd!
He sets a few up - he just doesnít score very many does he?! He does chuck a few crosses in though and luckily I got on the end of one of them.
You said that you were disappointed not to get more games when you went back to Middlesbrough but you must have been delighted when you got that big move to Manchester City?
Yes I was. I didnít get much of a sniff for a good six months after going back to Middlesbrough but once I got in the team I was playing well and it went from there. When I got the move to City my whole life changed to be honest.

You have also had the biggest honour in football after that of playing for Watford - you got to play for England. How was that?
Playing for England was the biggest moment of my career by far. That is what I mean by my life changing with the move to City. To play and score for England is just unbelievable and it doesnít get any better than that. That is why I just want to continue playing well and try and get as many caps for England that I can. There really is no better feeling than playing football in an England shirt. I grew up dreaming of playing and scoring for England at Wembley so for it to happen is absolutely amazing.

And how are you enjoying life as a City player?
Yes itís great. I donít think we have really played to our full potential yet but even so we are only three points off the top spot and in fourth place so we are certainly going to be up there. I am hoping to play my part in some success for the club and hopefully that is just around the corner.
Great stuff. Well good luck for the season.

Thanks a lot. Best of luck to Watford too.




F o o t b a l l

Favourite Ground (apart from The Vic)

St James Park

Toughest Opponent

Ashley Cole

Best Ever Player

Diego Maradona

Team you supported as a boy

Newcastle United

F a v o u r i t e s

Favourite Food


Favourite Drink


Favourite Music

R & B

Favourite Holiday Destination

Los Angeles

Favourite TV Show

The Inbetweeners

Favourite Film

Top Gun

Desert Island Woman 

Cheryl Cole

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