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  Lenny Pidgeley


Lenny signed on loan from Chelsea in 2003 and played just shy of 30 games over 8 months. He is now on the books at Millwall. We spoke to him at his home in Beckenham, Kent. He lives with girlfriend Stephanie and daughter Lila-Rose, 10 months.



Hi Lenny, thanks for talking to Watford Legends. How did you come to join Watford?


Chelsea decided that it was a good time for me to think about going out on loan to get some experience. I was all set to go to Plymouth when I got the call from Kevin Hitchcock to see if I could cover as Richard Lee had broken his arm.


I was pretty keen to go to Watford as I knew it would be good to be around a first team.


Did you enjoy the experience?


Definitely. I was still very young at the time and it can be very hard for young keepers to get in to first teams. So it was a good platform to be at Vicarage Road.


It was going to be difficult to get experience at Chelsea, with Carlo Cudicini and Petr Cech in front of me.


Any particular games that stand out from your time at the club?


Rather than having a specific game I would say just having a run in a first team was fantastic.  If I had to pick a game I would say playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.



How did you get on with Ray Lewington?


I got on really well with Ray. He is a good coach and a nice man. We were from the same area of west London, so we had that in common.


How was it going back to Chelsea?


They looked at me in a different light after my time away. I think they looked at me as more of a senior player. But being at Watford had given me taste for first team football, and it was hard to go back to reserve games.


And this is why you went to Millwall?


They were willing to take me and gave me a chance, and by and large I have done well for them. I have some stiff competition for my place this year but Iíll keep working away.


Tell us about Jose Mourinho.


Well everyone knows what heís about and I can tell you that he is exactly the same behind the scenes as he is when you see him on the TV. He has a real presence, a born winner. And he makes you want to do well for him, and you are very keen to play for the club.


Well thanks for the insight Lenny, good luck with the continuing career.


Thanks a lot. See you soon.










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Lenny Pidgeley




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