Icelandic international midfielder Brynjar joined the Hornets after being released by Nottingham Forest in 2004. He had previously played for Stoke City. He spent one season with the club making 36 appearances and scoring three goals.

After the arrival of Aidy Boothroyd as manager, Bryn joined Reading in the summer of 2005, and Watford Legends spoke to him while at Reading in 2010.

Hi Bryn. Thanks for talking to Watford Legends. How did you become a Hornet?

The year before I joined Watford I was playing at Nottingham Forest where I had a one year deal. It wasn’t really going well and knowing Heidar and Ray as I did, I took a chance to go and talk to them.

So it was Heidar who put in a good word for you then!

Yes I think he did!

Did it help to have Heidar at the club to help you settle in?

I’d already been in England for three or four years by then but it’s always nice to have someone you know there. It is nice to have a familiar face in your team.

Where did you live in the local area?

I lived in Bricket Wood. We were very happy there.

How did you enjoy your time at the club?

I really enjoyed it a lot and, even though it was only for one season. In the first part of the season we started off quite well, but then we lost our ground a bit and started to struggle. For me the though the major highlight was to play Liverpool home and away in the Carling Cup

I think a lot of Watford fans enjoyed watching you play, and it’s actually a bit surprising to realise that you were only there for one season.

Yes it was only one year. I had a two year contract and I planned to stay there for at least that length of time, perhaps more.

But then Ray left in that season and Aidy came in. From there, Reading came in for me and I moved on.

Was it a case of you wanting to move on or was it a case of you not fitting in Aidy’s plans?

A bit of both I think actually. Aidy wanted to change a few things around and he had to trim the squad a little bit before he could buy. And it was at that time that Reading came in for me. But I left on good terms with the club – they didn’t say they wanted me to stay but also they didn’t get in my way when it came to organising the move.

Aidy was the new manager at Watford and there was a little bit of annoyance that he had let you go.

I played most of the games I was available for and I had a good partnership with Gavin Mahon, and I think the Watford fans appreciated that.

Everybody tells us how nice Ray Lewington is. Are you going to join that list?!

I am, yeah! He’s a great manager and a great man. But unfortunately as happens in football it’s all about results so it can’t be any surprise that he got sacked in this day and age. I think the league cup run masked the fact that actually we were sliding a bit. But we had enough points to stay in the league in the end.

Where were you for the ‘ghost goal’?

I was injured at the time so I wasn’t at the game.

It was so bizarre and from what the Reading lads said afterwards the linesman was adamant that it had crossed the line. It was just a big, big mistake by the officials. A ridiculous decision.

Was it the buzz subject around the Reading training ground the week after?

Yes it was the talking point for quite a few days as it was so bizarre. I think we as Reading players thought that if you’re given a goal you’ll take it, but certainly it cost Watford a couple of points.

How did you enjoy playing for Brendan Rodgers last season?

Yeah I enjoyed it as he brought in some good ideas. But for some reason it didn’t work. I think, to be fair, he had massive shoes to fill by joining the club straight after Steve Coppell. And Reading was his first proper season as a manager.

You are still with Reading now. What are your plans?

I’ve got a contract for this season and we have started to talk a little bit about me doing some coaching a bit further down the line. But for the moment I’m concentrating on this season.

Great. Well good luck (except against the Watford)!

Cheers lads, see you at the next Reading v Watford encounter!

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