Defender Keith was signed from Brighton & Hove Albion by Colin Lee in the summer of 1990. He made over 150 appearances for the club, scoring two goals. In 1994 he moved to Southend in the deal which brought Tommy Mooney to the club.

Although retired, Keith still turns out for the Chelsea Old Boys team and spoke to Watford Legends in 2009.

Hi Keith. Thanks for talking to Watford Legends. How did you become a Hornet?

It was through my connection with Peter Taylor who I knew. It was Colin Lee who brought me in and Steve Perryman was my first permanent manager at the club. Halfway through my first season I was reunited with Peter Taylor who Steve had brought in as a coach.

Were there any particular players that you knocked around with?

Not so much at Watford because I tended to knock around with the players that I had grown up with at Chelsea, such as Keith Jones, Keith McFerguson and Michael Gilkes. And to this day we are still friends.

Who did you most enjoy playing in defence with?

Probably over my career it would be Gary Chivers at Brighton. We sort of found ourselves playing there. I also enjoyed playing alongside Garry Thompson.

You were at Watford at the time when the back-pass rule came in. How did you find that after so many years of pinging the ball in to your own keeper’s hands?

It was at a time when you relied on the keeper being able to touch it. Nowadays the goalkeepers are much better with their feet. So we were having to pass back to goalkeepers who weren’t great with their feet.

I think it made the game better and made more chances. So it was different but it was ok.

Any particular games stand out for you?

I always enjoyed the games where I was playing against a former club, like Brighton or Chelsea. Those were the ones I used to look forward to as you tended to know a few of the old faces to give people a kick!

You played in that famous game against Leeds United in the league cup.

Yes I remember that game well. We did a great job. I remember I got Man of the Match from the sponsors of the game who were Sony, and I got a nice Sony 28” TV for my efforts!

Would you like to play in today’s football?

No, because I wouldn’t want to change anything about what I have done in my career. I enjoyed what I did and it has given me a lot of good memories.

Do you still keep an eye out for the Watford results?

Of course! I keep an eye out for all the teams I played for. Probably more so Southend as I played alongside Steve Tilson.

What are you up to now?

Well now I am involved with the Chelsea Old boys for when I am playing a bit of football, with the likes of Ray Wilkins, Kerry Dixon and Gary Chivers. We play about 10 games a season for charity games and so on.

My day job involves working for the family business where I oversee and project manage properties and property development.

What are your plans for the future.

My missus would love for me to do a runner! I hope I can continue doing what I am doing and keep in good health.

Well good luck with everything.

Cheers boys.

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Favourite Ground (apart from the Vic)
Toughest Opponent
Craig Johnston or Cyrille Regis
Best Ever Player
Lionel Messi


Favourite Food
Chicken and Pasta
Favourite Drink
Lager Shandy
Favourite Music
Favourite Holiday Destination
Favourite TV Show
Rescue Me
Favourite Film
The Shawshank Redemption
What team do you support?
Desert Island Woman
Eva Mendes